The Importance of Health at An Advanced Age

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” →Mark Twain

“What’s in the age? It’s just a number!” says an 80-year-old woman who smiles all the way as she walks down the lane to the grocery store. Perplexed, the 60-year-old man stares at her wide-eyed wondering how on earth she could be so happy and energetic! He considered himself so old to fend for himself until he was put to shame by her jovial attitude towards life.

The above scenario shows the stark difference in the attitude and approach to life between two people who have lived their prime of their life. However, the 60-year old man is ridden with aches and pains while the 80-year old woman trots around in her best self every day.

What’s the secret to the health of this fascinating lady? It isn’t hard to decipher. A life of seasoned wisdom, an active social life, and abundant physical activity; and last but not the least; a simple, nutritious diet with locally grown pulses, vegetables and fruits.

The past decade is witness to the middle age population afflicted with various ailments such as knee pain leading to arthritis, general malaise, myalgia, diabetes, osteoporosis and other acute and chronic disorders. This is because of the failure to understand the essence of maintaining optimal health in their youth. The Indian diet changes based on different seasons in a year. However, religious doctrines or dogma interspersed with diet plans and growing influence of global cuisine saw the middle age population discarding local food for new fad diets. Exercise, too, was never given its importance. The result was a growing demand for ready-to-eat, instant food that brought in autoimmune and metabolic disorders. It didn’t take long to realize the need to stick to local, home grown products.

A fit, active and energetic parent or grandparent is a boon to the younger generation. Healthy grandparents can impart physical, spiritual and mental wisdom to their grandchildren. It is therefore necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle to produce perfect equilibrium in the body. As age advances, people are susceptible to brittle bones which can be prevented by regular exercise, strength training and a nutritious diet. In addition, early treatment of ailments with the traditional system of medicine such as Ayurveda can help in bring back the body to its original vigor and vitality.

It is from the middle age and old age population that the youth can derive immense source of inspiration and knowledge. Let us pledge to stay active; positive and healthy in whichever stage of life were are at so as to become effective contributors of a society.